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    Alien Shooter - Free

    动作游戏 免费
    This is a FREE version of the Legendary PC Alien Shooter game which is now available on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! Try it now and get engaged in adrenaline - fueled action that has caught millions of gamers all over the world! \"With a wonderful array of weapons, non-stop action, splendid graphics, eerie music and a wonderful adventure setting, Alien Shooter is a game that delivers on every front.\" - Game Tunnel Deserted military complex. Hordes of merciless creatures. Here you are. Your mission is simple – clear the base so there are just dead monsters\' corpses left around. - Enjoy user friendly control schemes with auto-aim option available! - stand up to the huge crowds of monsters appearing on one screen at a time - level up, try out superhuman fighting abilities in an intense battle - corpses of the monsters eliminated do not disappear - check out what happens at the end of every level! Mow them down and stay alive! REVIEWS: - \"A thoroughly enjoyable game, I totally recommend it.\" - - \"It\'s hard to stop once you start.\" - - \"All in all, I highly recommend Alien Shooter, especially if you loved the old Doom by ID\'s because, although substantially different, they share the same frenzy and the same immediacy of play. Definitely a great title.\" - \"Step forward Alien Shooter, which in the absence of any empirical studies, I\'m happy to stake has a higher body count than all the Dooms, Dukes and Gauntlets put together. It\'s also a bloody good game with an arsenal of weapons any FPS would be proud of.\" - PC Zone Magazine CUSTOMER REVIEWS: by earthcreator a really good game, totally old school and totally classic by Alien Gonzo Alien Shooter is the best! It is full of action and it just keeps coming at you, you can hardly stop playing until you complete the game. The harder it gets the more you will try. by I Ain\'t Afraid of No Aliens Alien Shooter is a MUST HAVE for people who can stand a \'little\' bit of gore, blood, bodies and a horror scene. by Gaming Grownup Go Ahead - Have Some Grownup Fun.
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    动作游戏 免费
    War Robots 是一款充满动作场面的多人游戏,在其中,6 名玩家将组队与另外 6 玩家的战队实时对战!加入金属勇士的行列!战争时间到了,战士们!准备好应付突袭、复杂战术以及对手为你准备的许多狡猾伎俩了吗?摧毁敌军机器人,占领全部灯塔,升级武器,从而提高战斗机器人的战斗力、速度和耐久度。在每张地图上证明自己,运用不同的战略和战术,在战斗中取得胜利!主要特色:- 28 个各有所长的战斗机器人;- 弹道导弹、能量炮和等离子炮等 20 多种武器。你会如何选择?- 诸多机器人与武器的组合。创造一台适合自己游戏风格的战争机器;- 创建自己的派系,带领其走向辉煌的胜利;- 加入史诗级 PvP 对战,挑战来自世界各地的对手- 完成军事任务获取奖赏,赢得最佳战士称号前进,战士!胜利属于你们!你想谈谈这款游戏,亦或是想寻找盟友?那就在 Facebook: 上加入我们 ,或在 Twitter: WWR_by_Pixonic 和 YouTube: 上关注我们。重要提示:本应用需要稳定的互联网连接。如有任何问题,请发送电邮至 wwr_support@pi​​ 与我们联系,以便我们能够快速找到解决方案。享受游戏吧!
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    动作游戏 免费
  4. 8.0 必玩

    Kite Surfer

    动作游戏 免费
    Catch the wind with kite and surf! Kite surfer running game throws you into the sunny, enjoyable and careless world! Super realistic graphic and sound design let you dive in astonishing gameplay! Surf as far as you can by avoiding rocks, boats, pairs and other obstacles. Do everything you want to while surfing to stay on board and to preserve wind! Take control on surfer by swiping on the display and/or tilting device. Collect coins which you can spend in store for upgrading different power ups: • Coin magnet - Bring all coins to you! • Wind power- Lets you fly and collect coins up in the air! • Helmet - Against injuries! • Multiplier -Double your earnings! Main features: • Colorful and vivid HD graphics! • Astonishing visual effects! • Specially composed and mastered music! • 1st and 3rd person camera modes! • Amazing Rewind option – chance to retry! • Different and interesting missions! • Built in Game Center & Facebook to track your friends high scores, challenge and brag them! Download Kite Surfer NOW and experience every aforesaid feature with your own! Don’t forget to rate us if you like this game! Thanks in advance! Like kite surfer on Facebook: Watch trailer on YouTube: Check out Gamezebo preview:
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    动作游戏 免费
    《神雕侠侣》首部资料片《百花争鸣》,震撼开启! 新门派“百花谷”开放,让老顽童带你闯荡江湖! 新角色闪亮登场,看萝莉正太萌翻神雕大侠! 新秘籍神秘现世,完美诠释金庸各路武林绝学! 全新的武侠世界,尽在神雕侠侣·百花争鸣! 完美世界倾情打造2014年最好玩的回合制武侠手游!金庸独家授权改编,纯正的武侠题材,精制的游戏画面,多样的技能组合,天下五绝侠客协助作战,可爱到HOLD不住的萌宠,带给你前所未有的游戏体验。神雕侠侣,再现江湖!行侠仗义,由你做主! 游戏特色: ——超精致完美画质:高清粒子特效,持有发光武器享受视觉盛宴 ——最经典武侠情节:携手杨过龙女闯江湖,快意恩仇战群雄 ——最可爱萌系宠物:Q版萌宠可爱无极限,炫酷技能霸气又拉风 ——超丰厚精彩好礼:丰厚豪礼送不停,助你勇闯副本傲视群雄 !
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    LINE Puzzle Bobble

    动作游戏 免费
    Original Bubble game \"\"PUZZLE BOBBLE\"\" to debute on LINE!! This edistion of the game features both all the classic elements you know and love along with new tricks and gimmicks!LINE Puzzle Bobble Features:- Over 1000 stages packed with all kinds of challenges!- Regular FREE updates with new levels and features to come!- Throw bobbles and match three colors to pop and drop your ways to victory!- Save your friends and Chack\'n trapped in the bubble!- Unlock and master, Super Bubble, Bubble Plus, Bomb Bubble Boosts that take your game to a whole new level of strategy and excitement!- Challenge your friends to compete for high scores on weekly tournament!- Send Hearts to your friends to help them play more and also receive one for yourself in return!Big \"\"Thank you\"\" to all the fans and everyone who has played LINE Puzzle Bobble!
  7. 4.7 五毛


    动作游戏 免费
    《Stickman Soccer 2014》是一款以足球为题材的火材人系列游戏,游戏分为训练赛,点球大战,各种杯赛。游戏的操作也非常简单,方向键,传球,射门。游戏的操作非常顺畅,人物动作刻画的也非常到位,足球特效做的也比较华丽。喜欢火材人系列的朋友可以尝试一下!
  8. 5.7 慎玩


    动作游戏 免费
    本周新游——App Store编辑推荐时下热门游戏——App Store编辑推荐游戏主打休闲风格,无论是画面还是玩法都充满了喜感,在游戏的同时还能开怀一笑。——腾讯游戏编辑推荐紧张之余有着满满幽默萌感、玩法巧思变化多端的休闲飞行射击游戏。——4399编辑推荐TapTap 评分: 9分 (满分10分)巨龙射手,一款想玩就玩的精品游戏!【没有体力,随时畅玩!】【简单上手,刺激战斗!】【搞怪BOSS,神秘宠物!】【独特剧情,丰富奖励!】我们希望把我们在儿时所玩到的那些经典的游戏给我们带来的快乐同样也带给你们:)游戏简介:巨龙射手的故事发生在一个充满了幽默,神秘,奇异的星球——潘多拉。在这个星球上,有唱歌的大象,跳舞的肥鸟,哭泣的彩虹龙,神叨叨的膜法师会来阻止你的探险之旅。同样也有爱喝酒的熊,坏脾气的龙,有梦想的泥,吐红唇的鱼,作为你的伙伴。更重要的是,这里还有一个耍酷不分时,浑身百宝箱,英勇且幽默,中年就白头的男主人公:爱德华·不作不舒服·沃克同志他来自地球,孤身一人,是怎么一个精神驱动他来这样一个陌生的星球,还是背后有着什么样的原因?请进入巨龙射手的游戏世界:)在这里,你会体验到1.独一无二的探险之旅2.精彩的小怪挑战和非常超级更加精彩的BOSS挑战3.不同帮手宠物所带来的无尽玩法变化(以上省略1000字游戏特性描述)千言万语汇作一句话:如果你喜欢好玩,充满乐趣的游戏,犹豫什么,快来体验吧!
  9. 8.0 必玩


    动作游戏 免费
    Play the gritty Vampire adventure game from world renowned developer Spacetime Studios – creators of the smash hit Pocket Legends. Become an immortal vampire with fangs, super speed, and hundreds of weapons to slay demons, werewolves, and Best of Game Developers Conference 2012“Buckets of blood, darker environments, and vampires that aren’t afraid to show some skin.” - 148 Apps“Third Legends title is a major evolution in casual and avid gameplay.” – Indie Gamer NewsDark Legends is a FREE vampire horror adventure and 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). In this bloody addition to Spacetime Studios’ Legends games, Vampires have been hunted to the brink of extinction by human supremacists that have called on evil supernatural creatures for help. You are the last line of defense and will undertake missions for the Vampire Nation to dominate or utterly destroy your enemies.Play online with millions of other vampires in fast-paced Co-Op or PVP action. As you slay your foes, you will unlock vampire powers that suit your combat play style and find rare treasures and gear. As your vampire powers grow and you collect more powerful gear, you will be able to take on the insane Dr. Kriegberg.Play with anyone, anywhere, anytime! If you like True Blood, Diablo, or zombified horrors take your mission on the go and play Dark Legends!Features:+ Free to play forever+ Unlock Special Vampire Powers+ Thousands of Weapons, Items, and Gear+ Multiplayer & Solo – Play in Co-Op, PVP, or Solo Mode+ Worldwide MMORPG – Play with Millions Online+ Supports iPhone 3GS and newer, iPod 3rd generation 16 gig and newer, all iPad models + Plays Across Wi-Fi, Edge, 3G or 4G NetworksCheck Us Out At:http://www.DarkLegends.comWant More Info? Visit our Forum!’s website:
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    动作游戏 免费
    LINE Bubble!又来了!这次带来的是泡泡龙的游戏,蠢蠢的小熊,贱贱的小兔都是游戏的亮点,玩家们能不能消除掉所有的泡泡,就要看玩家们自己的发挥了!喜欢的朋友们别错过哦! LINE Bubble射击益智游戏“线泡沫!”游戏中还会有不同排列的泡沫下降,操控可爱的小兔子发射泡沫,如果相同的泡沫在一起就会消失。如果泡沫到达屏幕底部的话游戏就结束了。因此请仔细瞄准好位置。弹无虚发!
  11. 8.0 必玩

    Hero Zero – the game for real heroes

    动作游戏 免费
    Hero Zero Multiplayer RPGHero Zero is one of the most successful free to play Online Multiplayer RPG games. Create your own superhero character in a funny, exciting and fascinating universe with hundreds of villains, criminals and bosses. Fight and stop crime in different parts of the world to become the most powerful and celebrated superhero in the universe. Only you can bring justice and peace back to the world. Unlock hilariously powerful gadgets and upgrades for your hero to equip him for epic battles and challenging single player missions.Build your own Hide-Out as a secret base, which will be placed under your house in Humpreydale. Upgrade and modify your shelter in order to get better rewards and increase efficiency. Compete with other players to find out who build the best Superhero Hide-Out.Join or create a team with your friends and build your own headquarters to fight more efficiently against all evil villains, criminals and bosses. Compete with other players and teams in exciting and cool multiplayer fights. Nobody can stop you from climbing the leaderboard on your challenging mission to become the most successful superhero in the world.Features:-More than 26 million players!-Regular free updates and new content!-Free to play!-Create and customize your own hero-Build up your own superhero team!-Challenge other heroes in PvP and team battles-Funny and fascinating storyline -Easy to learn gameplay-Appealing Graphics-Real time villain events with thousands of playersStart your epic and funny adventure now for free!Join us on Facebook for News and Sweepstakes:
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    Hop Hop Celebrities - Endless pixel run kick papz

    动作游戏 免费
    We all know our favorite celebrities are always over swamped with the paparazzi, well its finally took its toll, and now they are fighting back...Join over fav celebs on the red carpet on their way to an award ceremony, but watch out the Papz are everywhere... This fun little additive game is simple ot play and hard to master, its going to be one of those games you wont want to put down!Can you unlock all the celebs?** How to Play **Tap to kick/punch when you get to the paparazzi.